Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Yule Log

Big apology to my dear blogger relatives and friends, have a very tight month and I know this wasn't the Yule Log that I expect it to look, it should be way better but luckily I did manage to make the cake satisfying to the last bite... at least from the young ones and old ones.
It's a brandy white chocolate Swiss me it's smooth texture of the creamy fragrant taste and feeling is really satisfying. Finished topped with chocolate ganache which wasn't sweet but just creamy enough to blend in with everything.

It's for you to taste and find out yourself, it might not be your taste but since this is purely homemade, fresh and satisfying till the last bite. Wasn't a very good shot because it's taken very late and my lighting was totally out. At least there is a virtual cake to view. Do leave some comments on ideas or critics in order for me to improve better....

Monday, December 7, 2009

Sugee Cake

There is a delectable range of Sugee Cake available in the market or should say it depends on some family tradition to pass down this recipe especially it runs down in certain Eurasian family will know what it taste like. To me, like my husband once said, "I don't know what is it so nice about this classic cake which have such high price people would pay to have a taste of this'' or mostly a favourite among classic English wedding.

To me, I'm not a fan of sweet stuff or dessert in particular but those who really know this cake might want to leave me some comment. All I know is the amount of ground almond which not many people like if to choose from the range of nuts but who know this nut well will like this, not too sweet, just moist enough but the grainy texture which you have to taste it slowly, might make this cake special...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dark n' White Chococlate Pudding Cake

This was something I did for our weekend snack, especially for my two chocolate angels at home. It's a rich portion but they share it among themselves and ask for a second serving but got to stop them because they had it within 15 minutes after dinner...
For myself it was nice when it's still warm because with the extra glaze of creamy brown sugar, surprisingly not sweet at all...blend in just fine.
The white chopped bits was actually gone even when we just poke through with the fork. I did save two in the fridge to try the chill one but chill and upon savouring, pour the warm glaze to try, the white chocolate appear, maybe after cool off the temperature, certain aliment freeze up and form to original.
All in all taste rather satisfying even after having a heavy meal.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

2009 Christmas Collection for cuppies and minicakes

It started with a proposal of an Orange Yogurt Cake, and this is the result after much try when the sample agreed to sent at the end of last month. This is the naked cake which haven't been dressed.

This was the collection I sent off for the sample that they want the flavour, flat top to avoid messed up and because it's for a gift away pack for an evening garden Christmas party and they requested fully sugar paste don't want any cream at all.

This was in fact my first try before the request so as you can see some cream been use, some 2D's and 3D's of course the 3D's are definitely more time consuming and fully hand molded.

This was basically out of idea on what more to go but trying not to use too much of sugar and towards out weather the twisted cane failed a few try because it cracks and gone down the dustbin.

I guess this is the sleepy pair of rain deer due to the cool weather...looks not too bad after I tried it...maybe not many will like but this was inspired by one of my Flikr friends on line it looks cute.

This Santa was eaten by my daughter...she saw it, but the cream does blend in much better then the full sugar paste one, comes to taste it taste better with the combination.

This was my first snowman, my imaginative snowman which at least stands at this humid weather here. Kids will like but not adults...haha I was thinking this snowman can be put onto my Christmas Yule log in my next posting, hopefully manage to post before Christmas.

This is the packing which is requested by my customer which is a gift away for their company's Christmas Garden Party, the ribbon was their corporate colour and the Christmas tag came with a Christmas tree shape which contains my contacts behind goes rather well with the whole package. Thanks to my Auntie for giving me chances to go and propose my cake.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Orange Yogurt Cake

This is one of a party order for December but I was experimenting and had it for myself to go on with anything comes to my mind, it was nutritious and the moisture of the whole outcome of the cake itself, I turn it into cupcakes...I'm late for any posting again maybe too tied up with my own health down sick and never touches my baking section for almost two weeks.

So basically I guess this is from some of my experiment on my own my die cutting skill of henna on sugar paste and sugar silver balls. Hope it doesn't look so bad. Never went to ask for orders or should I say I wouldn't dare to accept it with my bad cough and flu....sorry my fellow friends and relatives. Maybe for next year of festival of Light will try on more to make it a set of six at least.

My photo shot the other night doesn't came out quite good on the lighting was bad...just two of it to temp the flavour, which brings in the oriental of good fortune on oranges. Good fortune always seek by any race or religion if comes to celebration. Thank for dropping by...please leave down your comment before you leave my site!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Yogurt Mix Nuts Nougatine Cheesecake

I hope this look new to anyone who happen to drop by to my blog, it something new to myself either, just happen to have drop by a page of recipe that I feel challenging to make for my own birthday but never make it but at least I made it an attempt to work it out but learn a lot during the process.

I kind of like the whole package outlook of the final piece just slack in some little here and there as usual for a first try I guess but the wholesome of the taste was just nice smooth, fragrant and crunchy at the same time. The base itself I self blended in some secret recipe to in case of the extra sweetness that the milk might bring in and the yogurt topping that amaze me the most, haven't dealt with such an extra amount of eggs in the cheese and unfamiliar with the funny temperature to bake the whole cake.

Here's just something to share, give it a shot and you'll be amaze....but not everyone love it, everyone have individual taste, myself will just put it as a moderate cheesecake which i guess those who doesn't like it too rich, this is alright for them and not sweet at all, maybe the caramelized sugar which blend in the hazelnuts, almonds and walnut makes it even.

Mid Autumn Mini Yogurt Nut Cheesecake

Sorry if this is late but was pretty satisfied with the very first attempt on the challenge my brother gave me a year ago which I wouldn't dare to try it out and it almost impossible but anyhow I made it at last.

This is probably gonna be my first collection, it's nice with the whole packaging of either 4 or 6 pieces in the transparent box just that colour wise is a little limited since cheese have only one colour.

It's a pretty mini ones which usually accommodate for those clear crystal moon cake sizes but this was a baked cheesecake unlike those moon cake which only contain a high level of sugar but little cheese inside. About the cheese I always stick to my cream cheese of 60% less fat and it's 100% halal unlike moon cakes you will have to think of the oil u use and so on...this is basically a cake which i take a step further to transform it to moon cake that's enjoy and try it for the next coming season, none in the market yet.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Japanese inspired Green Tea roll

This was a die hard wanted list to my baking ...but tried it at last.

This special recipe I have it from a friend in year 2008, but never have a chance or should say no confidence to try it out and I have allot of feed backs that the cake cracks, too sweet or no green tea taste at all.

But to be honest, I was happy with the trying, just first try and I found it rather satisfied as every feedback from some of my friends are proven wrong, I found this recipe just as perfect...moist, spongy, soft, not too sweet at all and most of all is the green tea fragrant is what I feel satisfied about.

It does take up a little time to make the whole thing and of course the waiting is worth every slices and mouthful. In fact what surprise me most is kids love it as well, and they ask for more. The filling takes a bit of time to make it and allot of energy to mash and mix the thing. It's red bean paste had mix in streaks to the whipped cream and I can tell you it kills your arm to mix up the whole 1 cup....

Will do more in the future, definitely goes well with a cup of tea.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Macadamien Cheesecake

This cake was specially made for my brother's friend who came down from Japan for the weekend. He was definitely lucky to have freshly flown in macadamia nuts from Australia, was brought back by my Australia auntie for us. So I just thought make it just a small portion.

Earlier in my blog there is one mother's day cake I made for my own mother is the very same one but the macadamia nuts was bought from the shopping mall here and couldn't manage to get some shots into the detail of the cake.

So here it is the detail of the vanilla sponge and the cheese layer. This time I was rather satisfied because of the time I use and the outcome of the texture is so fine and cotton soft. Even my kids love it, just manage a small portion to ourselves to be cut and to test it out before I give it to my brother's friend to be flew back to Japan to store and eat.

The cut out might be slightly broken due to the container I store before I let dry in the fridge overnight. It does take sometime to do that...have to be patiently cook in double boiler till smooth and bake in two temperature in water bath....patience pays everything. Happy testing, worth it.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Chocolate sponge Hazelnut Cheesecake

This was rather a special cake for me myself, specially made for my elder daughter, she wanted either a doll cake or a castle cake, very challenging for a first timer like myself.

It was a long weekend and can't manage to get any of her friends to come but pull it together and she is all excited what am I actually doing for her. I know her all time favourite is pink and Chocolate cake but I never go with the usual one, in fact this time around she ask me for a Peanut cake...i was thinking what cake was I did search high and low whether I have such recipe in my baking finally I tot I go with what i think good for all.

Now I know why the shop charge it so high...pricing. I had two Wilton store bought doll specially for this doll cake and sent in by my father, yet wasn't satisfied with the outlook so, I just decided to go buy one original Barbie for my small one completed with purple dancing outfit with purple shimmering slippers.

I learn something very new during the whole process and it does take up a lot of effort and time....I felt like giving up when the clock struck 2.30am and I needed a toothpick to hold up my eyelid.

My daughter got up at 6.30am and wanted to just catch a glimpse of her mysterious cake... and got scolded bad into bed. Finally I manage myself up at 7am and say to her let me finish up some final touches...

To me the satisfaction of the overall process is always the smile tells it all. and the Wow! look on others... this cake is not sweet, light n satisfying, nothing special just the effort. Love my daughters and just want to give them everything I can.

The partly cut out cake and the torn off sugar paste..., luckily never got the shot of the torn out dress left her nothing...I warn her not to take so much, but this time I was glad even the fondant paste is home made, 100% Halal, added vanilla powder and honey. So the sugar level is reduced. Prices ranges, and call to enquire. Thank you for taking your precious time to browse through my blog, and do please leave comments.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Variety packed Cheesecake

This was an order from my husband's company lunch gathering before heading off for the fasting month.

The first one was an Oreo Cheesecake as all time favourite, the middle one was the classic bake of Digestive which is for those health concious consumer and the last one was a chocolate moist topped with a thick layer of cheese, the double layer cake. All this are the one pound cake which I have in my list for cake tester.

Usually this naked cakes are those my customers favourite during festive season because of the lifespan, no problem when transporting and it won't just melt off...nice when it's chilled even thawed in room temperature. Just some tips, this is a rather heavy cheesecake, but for some cheese lovers they'll love it. Have a try n you'll not regret. Thanks and have a nice day.

Chocolate Moist

Must be a chocolate month, everyone wanted a chocolate cake, I think whoever view this blog will get boring, any other cake I know how to bake must be the question....???

This cake was specially bake for my little sister in KL but I really disappoint her, sending it down by courier, I made a very big mistake that I never personnally saw those person in charge placing the fragile tag on the package, they damage the whole cake. When I saw what she took for me the picture when she open up, my heart was breathless for a second. What on earth happen, is like an earthquake just happen.

I think no one would imagine the worst, my figurine is gone into pieces, my whole cake broke, I think if it's handle with care or they nvr throw definately it will be still alright. Because I sent off with a careful check, those figurine just touch the cover which could hold the thing in shape, even slight trigger wouldn't damage the thing. Imagine the damage on the cake itself...there must be throwing. I really curse and swear, and this wasn't my first time sending such cake down to KL and this is really my unlucky day having such bad incident.

I think, careful is still the trick of the whole thing and the person in charge to really handle with care. Couldn't sleep thinking of that nightmare.

Chocolate Moist Individual Minicakes

This was specially done for my long lost good friends from my secondary school. In fact I made these for their kids and some mini classic digestive cheesecakes for them and their husband but never really manage to get some shot before I went and meet them up. Sorry fellow friends and bloggers, I never manage to get a sharp and good shot for you all to view but mainly on memories and the final tastebud of individual who tasted the cakes. Not my way of doing it so clumsily.

Sorry ladies, Siti Norbaya & Husband, Aryanti, Azira and Nazirah. Glad you all enjoyed it.

Just a very simple chocolate moist minicakes and it's topped with peanut sauce. please leave some comment for me to improve better. Thanks for giving me chances to try for you ladies to share.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Chocolate Moist

This was preordered by my auntie for her eight year old daughter for her birthday that she invited us to and I'm really honoured that she give me such chances to make this special cake for her. It's a chocolate moist which her daughter love and sandwiched with peanut sauce and topped with chocolate ganache.

All the little figurines was also requested as her daughter's favourite bear and picnic theme goes with all, still learning and I wasn't really satisfied with what I did because for the past whole week it was either hot or humid and raining every evening, the sugar paste doesn't work out as I wanted it to be...luckily with Gods grace it holds together till the very moment I present it to the birthday girl and her smile on her face means more then anything.

Please do forgive me as I was careless to leave behind the red ribbon on her grey bear but she was smiling and that means more then any words could describe.

My box wasn't tall enough to place everything up on top of the cake that is why I have to crack my head to try place everything she loves to the cake.

Her favourite grey bear is always by her side having a slice of cake with a cup of tea with her bear friend and the other bear went off with her picnic basket which contains some apple and strawberry playing and went toppled over while the butterfly just stops on the bear feet and other park little friends just watch...her favourite colour is also purple.

Hopefully it does create some story to go with the birthday girl. Glad she loves it.

Thank you A. Gidget and U. Matt.

Mini Peach Cheesecake

I made this when I saw it in one of the book in a store and I thought it was a rare cheesecake where hardly can see in cake shops so I really want to try it out if it does looks like what stated in the book...

The decorative sponge lining was thin and it's fragile and can easily break, rather satisfied with the overall even though the look doesn't seems to be as perfect as I wanted to be.

It's a very light chilled cheesecake, just good for breakfast or tea, definitely great with a cup of coffee, tea, hot milk or hot chocolate.

This cheesecake contains of a thin layer of vanilla sponge at the bottom and the decorative sponge lining to go around the chilled peach cheese filling, the peaches are cut into chunks. This cheesecake can always add to any one's favourite, because we can use any fruits even as simple as grapes either the green sourly ones or the red sweet ones is great to the lighter side of the cheesecake.

Whoever have tasted this might give it an 8 out of 10 but to me....can be better.

It does take sometime but the outcome of the cake is just good as it looks. this bottom one I just try to make it without any decorative sponge lining and looks normal the taste without the slightly sweet sponge lining makes it a little heavy, still with the lining it taste better.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Chocolate Chips Moist Cuppies

This was a breakfast cuppies for my daughter to bring for her school, there is actually a combination of combine chips black and white chocolate, it melts off some infact especially those inside the cuppies ones. Moist enough with added cup of buttermilk and it's pretty rich, to me it was just ok, rather filling with this large portion, I think i'll still stick to my medium cuppies for children, for adults its fine but for the kids they just got three quarter and they'll leave it till the next helping.

Buttermilk is great not only on cuppies but to any cake to add extra nutrition and moisture to the consumer. Not many of us fancy for chips but I think for kids chips more is really good for them...have to really work on the portioning when work on an extra rich cake like this. Enjoy!

Rich Butter Peach Cake

This was one of the not so ordinary cake for me to do but it's just upon customize by my uncle for her special wife, my auntie. I hope she likes it...I can admit I was a bad cake decorator comes to idea and so on, I always did a bad job, but hopefully the taste pulls it together. Thanks to one of my other auntie that manage to bring the cake all the way down to KL to present it to her sister's birthday.

To me bake cakes last the most is 5 days but due to the journey and weather I think it's just best to consume it straight away because of no preservatives use to prolong the life of the cake. This rich butter cake is sandwiched with slices of peaches with whipped, topped with chocolate ganache and peach syrup and the bag, its my first try to wrapped a piece of cake in rolled fondant.

Happy Birthday Auntie Jess, hope you and your family love it. Please anyone if happen to come in and visit this page do leave comment so that I can improve better. Thanks.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lemon Cheese Chocolate Sponge

This was specially made for my beloved sister in law to be for her Birthday. A very light cake and simple one compare to my usual rich and heavy cheesecake. Well it depends on the recipient whom I made for.

I really running out of idea on what to be for her special day, I want her to remember that her birthday is also special to all of us. So from what I notice from her daily dress up and appearance, she loves looking good so it's also inspired from some of my Flickr friends where i always go for any inspiration...and this is my very first attempt on trying on a heels, daring but spoil a few in my process.

I don't have any special mold or the sandal but I saw a very similar one which Penelope Cruise wore in one of the Woman's weekly magazine so I tried it on a different colour scheme. The original pair was all black, so it won't be so nice if no colour added on the cake. I made some cuppies to back my mini cake as well.

I think I learn alot from this time...never ever try any lemon with's a disaster...very sorry. It doesn't reach to my sister in law in good shape, the colour fades after hours in the humidity...but she was so nice to say it was ok.

I really felt bad and uncomfortable with what happen. Just to be lucky to get the shot of some good ones before I hand it to her.

The frosting was lemon cream cheese and the cake is chocolate sponge sandwiched with the lemon cheese so it's light, comes with sweet and sour but overall the outlook makes my heart sank when I open the box.

Please if you and your friends tasted the cake leave some comment so I can further improve on it...and get ready for your big day next year.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Chocolate Tiramisu Cake

This cake was specially made for my brother's Birthday on the 4th July, first attempt on the Tiramisu filling recipe I got it from Brazil. Majority of us who tasted the cake feels unsatisfied including myself, but first try....there is always a second one to come and I'm sure the second one will be great.

Learn from mistake takes me further. The chocolate shaving, I kind of regret it because it turns out rather sweet, only children will love it. Better to be either a bitter sweet or straight goes for dark bitter ones will blend in better.

Overall, my chocolate sponge turns out very well and the softness of the cake makes it easy and nice even we have more then one serving. Just that the amount of brandy just too mild....should go for more in my next one dare to put and the taste will be great....haha.

Homemade Chicken Pie

Wanted to do it for a very long time ago but haven't have the time to do so, finally have the time and guts to do it, the shot wasn't so good because I did this quite late after dinner during the weekend.
Wasn't that satisfied with the outcome of the pastry texture and the whole outlook of course. I never check my cupboard if I have enough pie dish to actually fit all in so I just did it out of freehand and well it looks just plain.
All in all, I would say is the filling that satisfy me most, everything is just great, from the texture, the amount of chicken and the taste, blend in smooth and the saltiness which goes rather well with the fragrant pie pastry. Will definitely go for a second try.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Milky Gula Melaka Cheesecake

I personally apologise for this bad shot but this is all I have for this time, this was specially made for my Dad in law, his Birthday is just a day before Father's Day so I just thought to combine everything in one.

This was actually a very bad one which the results was what I expected it to turn out to. First this was the naked cake itself, the baking process was just great until my young ones came home in the evening and I left my undressed cake unattended on my dining table in fact before I remove the cake pan.

Went to the kitchen to fix dinner for them and turn back and look at my cake been eaten.....ooooh the defect on the cake make my heart just speechless, don't know what to do and no mood to even go onto the decorating the very night.

So I just left it to cool and into the fridge to cool till the very next morning. This time I just topped with semi sweet chocolate ganache hopefully things will turn out not so bad. I don't have much tools and which disappoint me is that I bought a wrong piping tip for my leaves.....thats the worst part.

My figures broke few times due to the humidity of the weather lately, in fact my wheelbarrow's handle broke off and I have to patch in no time before we left home to my in laws place....very disappointed, luckily the whole combination of the base, the cheesecake and the topping came to a satisfying point, where I think it's just ok.

This cake was specially made for my dad in-law who is a diabetic, so the whole cake is sugarless, only the base is blend in with some brown sugar to have the sweet, salty, grainy and bitter. The cake is cooked with pandan leaf, coconut sugar, coconut milk, fresh milk and cheese. The topping is whipped with bitter sweet chocolate.

To him it's still rich, to ordinary people who enjoys cheesecake maybe it's just fragrant.

Thank you for viewing and please leave me some comment to better improve in the future.

Father's Day Topper

This topper was made for my husband, where each small bear represent both my two little angel with each favourite colour flower on top of the bear head, sorry for the bad shot it wasn't so clear but just ok for viewing purposes.

This topper was also place on a mini cheesecake to be presented by my daughter to my husband. I never manage to catch the look after he took them out. Because my elder daughter couldn't resist the sugar each time she sees it, oh this time she ate all the ears and left them without ears and told her father to put into the fridge so he can have it the next morning.

My auntie came and saw it when my husband took out from the fridge and she said oh it looks like mini Orang Utans...awwh what a pity, but glad I make it special for everyone who I consider them Father. On the making my small one saw it but all she said is so nice those family bears, never let my big one to see until the very day to ask her to present it to her dad, if not things might be missing from every where.

To me the looks on the recipient is all that matters most to me....and the look of satisfaction on those who ate the last piece.

Thank you for viewing and please leave me some comment to better improve in the future.

Father's Day Topper

This was specially custom made for my dad on this special day, using fondant paste. This I have some free tutorial by my special Flickr friends, surprise to spend not much time on a two piece thing, all are edible just the uncooked pasta which I use to secure both daddy and child head to the body so that it doesn't drop off easily.
Kind of heavy but the size is just nice for a mini cake size of 2 and a half inches in diameter.
Sorry never manage to get the shot with my Oreo mini cheesecake, because I was in a hurry to pack it very securely before I sent it off by courier service and the packing took me ages rather then the molding...haha.
I wasn't too sure if the cake reach in shape or is already off most of the parts.
Glad I made it and I manage to sent off my Thursday and reach him by Friday, at least knowing that I wasn't late.
About the mini cake, sorry if comment were leave and without any cake to view and just the topper, here I apologize, it's just my normal Oreo cake where I place exactly one whole piece of Oreo biscuit and the rest of the cakes are bits of Oreos' which is finely crushed and I mixed it all together to have the tiny little black dots all over the yellow cheese...hopefully whoever who loves to imagine and I was rather satisfied with the outcome of the shape and taste, all just blend in just nice, not too sweet, the height and the all in all shape of the cake.
Thank you for viewing and please leave me some comment to better improve in the future.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Compilation of 27.05.09

A better compilation of 27th May 2009.

Compilation 24.05.09

A better compilation of 24th May 2009.

Chocolate Moist cuppies

This was a last minute cake to goes with the main cake, that is why it looks matching but specially made for my auntie in-laws family of six, sorry if it's too little just trying out my new packaging I found it on my way back from one of the bakery shop I went the day before the weekend.

It's a Chocolate moist cuppies topped with cream cheese frosting and the blueberry blend fondant decoration.

Even the rose buds are a last minute thing, I spoilt some in fact. The daisies are also some last minute addition. My husband was watching me and he said I was decorating the enchanted garden...

To anyone who visited my bog or tasted my cakes do please leave some comment in order for me to improve better. Thanks