Monday, February 23, 2009

Baked Brownie Cheesecake

This is the whole Brownie Cheesecake that i manage to sent down to my dad, hopefully he got it this morning and in good shape, it wasn't any big cake but hope he likes it.
As he mention to me before, he likes cheese so i hope this wasn't too heavy for him to have it all by himself or share it with others.
As mention in my previous post of the up close shot, i think i mention most of what the main content is. To whoever in future wants this, it's a special order. Enjoy!

Upclose of Baked Brownie Cheesecake

This is the up close of Baked Brownie Cheesecake, the topping is some teaspoonful drops of chocolate peanut butter, that's where the swirls form. Texture just good and outcome of it doesn't cracked. Moist enough to just retain it's full body.

The base is Chocolate Digestive, giving the semi sweet taste and the grainy texture to feel the crunch.

Oh yes to cheese cake lovers, it's hard to get this cake even outside. The whole cheesecake is filled with cubes of brownies where we bake in advance and stuff in between.

The one who tasted this might ask for more. That depends. I did this for my Dad's birthday, it's a surprise. Hope that he like it and the others who share this special day with him.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Chilled Cendol Cheesecake

This is also something new in my list to try, it's light n' creamy coz' it's unbaked, smooth and tangy with the aroma of coconut brown sugar with the coconut taste of cendol.

The base this time i use an ordinary sponge, the topping I just top it with a thin layer of whipped cream and dust it with digestive biscuit. I did this special cake for Valentine, surprisingly it turns out great from my in laws.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Vanilla Cheesecake

This is new to myself, the outcome quite satisfied, it's a rich Vanilla Cheesecake, it's somehow or rather wasn't that rich to most of my friends who tried my Oreo Cheesecake but to some it's just as good as it is.

To myself and my family they enjoy it chilled, maybe just let it thawed for just 5 to 10 minutes will do because it tend to soft very fast, the texture is smooth and in fact you won't feel too much if you want to have more.

Just some info to for my viewers to digest but leave to my future consumers to judge after you all try it yourself.

Banana Moist

It's a weekend out with the kids, so i just thought of something light for tea, it's a banana moist pound cake. Soothing enough for the tummy and the sweetness just good after a swim, suitable for everyone and any health condition. Even the texture of moist is just right for the consumer to swallow.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Honey Velvet Cheesecake

It's a Honey Velvet Cheesecake which i made for my mum's birthday this year, just thought to get into the inside view of the real texture of the cake. The main ingredient of the cake are honey and cinnamon and to enhance the smoother texture i uses some whipped cream to mix with the cream cheese.

Honestly this is my very first time trying a rich cheesecake with a sugar dough base, the outcome of it wasn't as satisfying as biscuit base. I always think the biscuit base is anyhow a better blend to the rich cheesecakes.

Glad to try new things but experiment is still the best way to improve.

Slices of Chocolate Mud Cake

This is how it looks after being slice out, the children can't wait to get a bite and, they love the frosting, infact i always make extra frosting for them to enjoy it plain just with cream cracker.

Just some extra information, chocolates are actually good for the heart but definately not ask to consume it everyday, rather suprise, it's been consider as a stress free food as well.

Chocolate Mud Cake

This chocolate mud cake was part of my Chinese New Year order, covered with semi-sweet chocolate frosting, it's a super rich chocolate cake which not many people like or know how to taste the rich muddy texture.
I did this back to my in-laws place for the kids for our reunion, but i blend in with brown sugar to cater for some health and diabetic watchout relatives and of course mainly my father in-law.