Thursday, February 25, 2010

Black Forest Cake

Firstly I would like to Thank an Auntie who give me allot of ideas and courage to make this piece, it was a very hurry piece of masterpiece, it really require a lot of squeezing to my own mind what to do when the reunion includes those that requires special health diet that needs to look into, even some who doesn't consume milk and cheese.

So, this was a really good choice given by my auntie, it's a very light cake that anyone can take with the least sugar involved and the highest quality of light sweetened whole cherries and the the Gold Label fresh cream which is light and creamy. Deco is fully handmade with almond paste to blend in all.

The best part was the instant feedback from everyone which had the cake after our steamboat dinner really feels relief and happy, they love it and the compliment was something that makes me feel completely satisfied. Love you all and most of all I enjoy baking even more.

Ginger Carrot Cake

This is really an Honour to do such a special cake for such big occasion for someone who is so near yet so far to myself, but reaching the age of 84 wasn't many can do, thank to my dad and my brother giving me such chances to make this happen. I was actually dead tired and still sick till today but with an open heart and the determination I have, I just hope it arrives in one piece.

To be honest the idea of this figure and the whole thing was by my brother who helps me on research. Everything have the first time for me, this special moist cake usually used for wedding cakes because it's rich, moist, heavy and costly. On this special piece of masterpiece I kind of satisfy from the beginning till the end, it seems to be very smooth from the process of baking, the time, the figurine, the wording and the final level on the baking came out so so perfect, the moisture, the rising till the topping with white chocolate Australia butter cream finishes just enough.

Hopefully every thing's great too when grandma have a piece, I just wonder how is her expression, on the cake, the taste, I wish I'm there. Hope to get some feedback whether the figurines still standing or already collapse during the hand carry delivery...everything is hard to predict and anything can happen within the 12hrs before it arrives to dad....

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

CNY Orange Yoghurt Cake

First of all would like to wish everyone that drop by a very Happy, Joyful, Peaceful and Smooth year who willing to drop by and give a glance to a good start for the year of 2010 for me.

This cakes are ordered by those being very surportive since I started, Thank you very much. This three CNY cake is not custominzed at all infact they give me quite a hard time on their budget constrain to work on such big cake...hopefully the cake tasted good enough to overcome the extra sweet on the buttercream, sorry and this was my very first time on buttercream, which to me is the worst choice of topping ever.

I got the response of the first reaction when they open it, but to be honest when I ask for special request they never answer but it's good to learn some lesson from the past. To be honest, it's more then 1kg-1.5kg for an Orange Yoghurt Cake.... To my surprise these days even a small an unknown of a bakery shop, for a normal sponge fruit cake of 800gm with topping is, then I was like got stuck on my throat....

I really hope that teaches me alot, but for a good cause on this Prosperous New Year, hope to have a continuos surpport from you all.

This wordings is really a hard one for me, a combination of four word into one. I know this wasn't really good of a out of idea kind of stuff, it's very hard when your customer don't provide what they want and feel disappointed when they receive what they expected for...very sorry I suppose can't blame me fully.

Never really felt satisfied at all if compared with last year Christmas order which I have a full staisfaction on the final sent off to my customers, anyway thank you all the aunties and uncles for unstopable support and given me chance alot and of course each task or orders, I learn as I go....

More & more tarts and cookies

This are part of my prepackaging for delivery order for Lunar Chinese New Year. never really have a chance to show the whole package of the finishing touches... Hopefully I wasn't too late to wish everyone a Blessed New Year and everything comes smooth in the year ahead. Feedback are appreciated, thanks for your support.