Monday, May 10, 2010

Banana Babies

This was really a simple Mother's day babies. Wasn't too well to really make it a big occasion so just have some balance of nice and sweet banana's left on my dining table so it was a weekend and most of the time the children will head to the pool so I just decide to make this little ones hope that they'll like it.

It's like one bite for adults and two for the kids. It turn out great, the texture and taste just great in fact I never expect it will finish just within hours... Kids are always kids, they blend in their own topping, I feel it will taste funny because all they want is peanut butter chocolate.

I felt bad that this time I make it so simple never really have the mood, heart and mind to do it the very best, maybe like my own mother always says it may look simple but the effort and heart to make something nice and sweet is always the best.

To all Mothers out there, Happy Mothers Day. Sorry I'm late....because my PC down.