Friday, June 5, 2009

Marbled Brownie

This recipe was given to me by one of my flickr friends from Australia, and worth a try, it's a combination of chocolate and cheese.

At first I was reluctant to give it a shot even it looks nice online, because i seldom does brownie but i think i have some spare cheese to give it a try.

So I told my daughter this time we try something different, and she willing to try, as usual she loves chocolate a lot and i was rather surprise that she turns out loving it even some of my colleague doesn't seems to like because it was too rich for them.

For me the taste was just ok, nmmm...if to say it is a very special one I would admit that it does have a unic taste maybe someone who prefer it rich but if for some ordinary people who enjoy dessert at the so so pase, they can't really take such rich quality taste.

I use imported swiss chocolate for melting with brown sugar, added with Philadelphia cream cheese so, for those who loves dessert which is super rich, they may love this.