Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Chocolate Molten cupcake

I think this one i post it before but haven't manage to get into the cup cake itself to really express the real look and taste which i describe to all of you before, which my auntie describe it as heavenly.

To be honest this cupcake is best to really have it when it's still warm, the oozing chocolate which my daughter love so much, she can have 5 in a day, but usually i will stop her and really watch her throughout the day, if not it will be disappearing even it's place in a n air tight container.

It's not me who makes it good but the recipe which i had was really good. To any chocolate lovers it will be great even with white chocolate. Chocolate is quite a healthy substitute for sweet tooth people. Just that choose wisely with the original ingredient which make the chocolate is very important.

Chocolate vanilla muffin

This is a recipe is originally from Oreo Chocolate muffin. Instead of Oreo biscuit which i always love for even my other cake recipe, this time i use my daughters, chocolate sandwich cracker which she used to take to school this time, i added in some mini chocolate chips as well.

My two daughters enjoy doing it together, especially the small one can pour in her chocolate chips and the big one helps me to spoon into the paper cups line on the baking pan ready for her before i put in to bake.

To my surprise it turn out not bad at all and of course for health purpose i lessen the amount of sugar, since i already added the creamy chocolate to blend in. It's just good to savour with a cup of hot tea or coffee.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tips on Caring for your Oven Baked Cakes

Tips On Caring For Your Cake

Cakes are created with natural ingredients without any preservatives, I hope some simple tips here will help you care for the cakes and hence retain their quality longer for your enjoyment.

For Oven-baked Cakes

Our oven baked cakes be stored for up to 3 days (from delivery date) in the fridge. Remember to protect them by covering them up in a large container (or leave them in the original box) while stored in the fridge to best maintain its taste and texture.

As this range of cakes is best served under room temperature, do allow them to thaw (at room temperature) for around 30 minutes before serving. As you thaw them, remember to cover up the cakes in case they attract hungry flies and other predators.

Note - The above mentioned expiry period for the cakes is an estimated guide and may vary base on the conditions of your refrigerator.

Sorry dear customers, friends and bloggers, i wasn't updating my blog so frequently, i was tied up with some rush datelines. Thousand apologies but will promise more in the future after April. Try to post little at a time so that there is still things to see.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Upclose of Hazelnut Cheesecake

This is the closeup look, no doubt it wasn't too smooth on the side but manage to smoothed the top, at first i was just thinking of fresh cream after the layer of Hazelnut cheese coating, but later think twice if i need to wait for hours till we can really cut and eat, so i just ignore and go ahead with vanilla butter cream, so just some enough to make the droplets to hold the hazelnut wafer, those two colours are both my two daughters favourite so i thought it was for their Godmother after all so i just put those two colours together, surprise to blend in rather well even with the yellowish brownish hazelnut cheese.

My mum was telling me the cake looks horrible with too much of things but i was just laughing to myself, i wasn't any good decorator but i do have to ask for ideas, even from my youngest daughter sometimes.

My main point is, my secret ingredients tells all. The taste that matters most. i just can't describe it just with words, i won't say i have the best cake in town but it does taste satisfying and the experiment is really paid off. Just to mention only the Hazelnut cheese is good enough to even spread it alone on the plain bread.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Hazelnut Cheesecake

It's a light cheesecake to have with your love ones, Chocolate sponge layers by Hazelnut Cheese. I made this to surprise my auntie for her Birthday dinner.

It turns out rather satisfying even after our seafood dinner plus mango and sago dessert, wasn't too sweet and the combination of chocolate sponge with the cheese is just light enough, well those who tasted this will mark it good i guess.

To myself i love it. Will definitely put into my favourite list of cakes i enjoy doing and eating.