Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Orange Yogurt Cake

This is one of a party order for December but I was experimenting and had it for myself to go on with anything comes to my mind, it was nutritious and the moisture of the whole outcome of the cake itself, I turn it into cupcakes...I'm late for any posting again maybe too tied up with my own health down sick and never touches my baking section for almost two weeks.

So basically I guess this is from some of my experiment on my own my die cutting skill of henna on sugar paste and sugar silver balls. Hope it doesn't look so bad. Never went to ask for orders or should I say I wouldn't dare to accept it with my bad cough and flu....sorry my fellow friends and relatives. Maybe for next year of festival of Light will try on more to make it a set of six at least.

My photo shot the other night doesn't came out quite good on the lighting was bad...just two of it to temp the flavour, which brings in the oriental of good fortune on oranges. Good fortune always seek by any race or religion if comes to celebration. Thank for dropping by...please leave down your comment before you leave my site!