Monday, October 5, 2009

Mid Autumn Mini Yogurt Nut Cheesecake

Sorry if this is late but was pretty satisfied with the very first attempt on the challenge my brother gave me a year ago which I wouldn't dare to try it out and it almost impossible but anyhow I made it at last.

This is probably gonna be my first collection, it's nice with the whole packaging of either 4 or 6 pieces in the transparent box just that colour wise is a little limited since cheese have only one colour.

It's a pretty mini ones which usually accommodate for those clear crystal moon cake sizes but this was a baked cheesecake unlike those moon cake which only contain a high level of sugar but little cheese inside. About the cheese I always stick to my cream cheese of 60% less fat and it's 100% halal unlike moon cakes you will have to think of the oil u use and so on...this is basically a cake which i take a step further to transform it to moon cake that's enjoy and try it for the next coming season, none in the market yet.

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