Monday, April 12, 2010

Rich Butter Peach cake (2nd Easter Collection)

This was my very first time doing Easter jelly eggs and packaging like Malay wedding so bad...hopefully doesn't disappoint them especially my auntie. Thank you for giving me another good opportunity to do something new. Just regret that never manage to get the picture of the peeled egg which contains mix fruit, with tinge of pink.

The cake was rather disappointing coz' I do notice it's slightly dry at the edge, really hope for the very best coz' everyone have individual taste bud though.

Japanese Cotton cheesecake (1st Easter Collection)

Just meant for a close family occasion, was baked back for my in laws and kids. This was my mom's in law's favourite light cheesecake. I was quite disappointed with the whole outcome of the topping...because it was so light until it can't cope the heaviness of melted chocolate, what more the sugar figure, it might be small but the weather kills it all.