Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Rich Butter Peach Cake

This was one of the not so ordinary cake for me to do but it's just upon customize by my uncle for her special wife, my auntie. I hope she likes it...I can admit I was a bad cake decorator comes to idea and so on, I always did a bad job, but hopefully the taste pulls it together. Thanks to one of my other auntie that manage to bring the cake all the way down to KL to present it to her sister's birthday.

To me bake cakes last the most is 5 days but due to the journey and weather I think it's just best to consume it straight away because of no preservatives use to prolong the life of the cake. This rich butter cake is sandwiched with slices of peaches with whipped, topped with chocolate ganache and peach syrup and the bag, its my first try to wrapped a piece of cake in rolled fondant.

Happy Birthday Auntie Jess, hope you and your family love it. Please anyone if happen to come in and visit this page do leave comment so that I can improve better. Thanks.

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