Monday, June 22, 2009

Milky Gula Melaka Cheesecake

I personally apologise for this bad shot but this is all I have for this time, this was specially made for my Dad in law, his Birthday is just a day before Father's Day so I just thought to combine everything in one.

This was actually a very bad one which the results was what I expected it to turn out to. First this was the naked cake itself, the baking process was just great until my young ones came home in the evening and I left my undressed cake unattended on my dining table in fact before I remove the cake pan.

Went to the kitchen to fix dinner for them and turn back and look at my cake been eaten.....ooooh the defect on the cake make my heart just speechless, don't know what to do and no mood to even go onto the decorating the very night.

So I just left it to cool and into the fridge to cool till the very next morning. This time I just topped with semi sweet chocolate ganache hopefully things will turn out not so bad. I don't have much tools and which disappoint me is that I bought a wrong piping tip for my leaves.....thats the worst part.

My figures broke few times due to the humidity of the weather lately, in fact my wheelbarrow's handle broke off and I have to patch in no time before we left home to my in laws place....very disappointed, luckily the whole combination of the base, the cheesecake and the topping came to a satisfying point, where I think it's just ok.

This cake was specially made for my dad in-law who is a diabetic, so the whole cake is sugarless, only the base is blend in with some brown sugar to have the sweet, salty, grainy and bitter. The cake is cooked with pandan leaf, coconut sugar, coconut milk, fresh milk and cheese. The topping is whipped with bitter sweet chocolate.

To him it's still rich, to ordinary people who enjoys cheesecake maybe it's just fragrant.

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Father's Day Topper

This topper was made for my husband, where each small bear represent both my two little angel with each favourite colour flower on top of the bear head, sorry for the bad shot it wasn't so clear but just ok for viewing purposes.

This topper was also place on a mini cheesecake to be presented by my daughter to my husband. I never manage to catch the look after he took them out. Because my elder daughter couldn't resist the sugar each time she sees it, oh this time she ate all the ears and left them without ears and told her father to put into the fridge so he can have it the next morning.

My auntie came and saw it when my husband took out from the fridge and she said oh it looks like mini Orang Utans...awwh what a pity, but glad I make it special for everyone who I consider them Father. On the making my small one saw it but all she said is so nice those family bears, never let my big one to see until the very day to ask her to present it to her dad, if not things might be missing from every where.

To me the looks on the recipient is all that matters most to me....and the look of satisfaction on those who ate the last piece.

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Father's Day Topper

This was specially custom made for my dad on this special day, using fondant paste. This I have some free tutorial by my special Flickr friends, surprise to spend not much time on a two piece thing, all are edible just the uncooked pasta which I use to secure both daddy and child head to the body so that it doesn't drop off easily.
Kind of heavy but the size is just nice for a mini cake size of 2 and a half inches in diameter.
Sorry never manage to get the shot with my Oreo mini cheesecake, because I was in a hurry to pack it very securely before I sent it off by courier service and the packing took me ages rather then the molding...haha.
I wasn't too sure if the cake reach in shape or is already off most of the parts.
Glad I made it and I manage to sent off my Thursday and reach him by Friday, at least knowing that I wasn't late.
About the mini cake, sorry if comment were leave and without any cake to view and just the topper, here I apologize, it's just my normal Oreo cake where I place exactly one whole piece of Oreo biscuit and the rest of the cakes are bits of Oreos' which is finely crushed and I mixed it all together to have the tiny little black dots all over the yellow cheese...hopefully whoever who loves to imagine and I was rather satisfied with the outcome of the shape and taste, all just blend in just nice, not too sweet, the height and the all in all shape of the cake.
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