Friday, May 29, 2009

Carrot Cheesecake

This was actually done again because i never really tried it when my very first cake was ordered from one of my good friend from Penang island and it's for her sister from Australia, they loved it so i thought to give it a better shot on this and see if i really do improve.

This cake was really a challenge and well i loves challenges as always, here are some of the process before i got the final piece of kind of fist attempt for figures, i really thank my Flickr friends for teaching me alot even i ask too much. Well i guess from the picture this cake was really a custom made design for my youngest daughter's birthday but we did it on the weekend at my in laws place and i was kind of accumulate alot of reference from all over my Flickr friends and try alot, in fact my first doll torn apart and i never give up and did it again.

All can be eaten, fondant molded figurines and topped with fresh cream, sandwiched with lemon banana slices. This is the comments from others who have tasted this cake, but too me is just very normal unlike the one I myself was very please about was the two Hazelnut cheesecake and Macadamia nuts cheesecake that was exquisite, i don't know the prize outside but who loves cheesecake knows the prize and taste well.

Wasn't a good shot, my camera always low battery when starts getting into the mood to take more....oooohhhh disappointed. Mainly i was rather satisfied with the outcome and of course the most important thing when everyone look at it they start to admire what i did....More to come for her real day on 27th May.

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