Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Disney Clubhouse Collection

A very challenging order from a customer I know in an exhibition...she really challenge me with this six little adorable character for her two year old Birthday party. Glad she gave me this priceless chance to prove my ability on this.

She ordered just a very simple chocolate moist cake for this special occasion but the character is definitely a difficult time for such priceless collection.

All in all she ordered 24 (M) size cupcakes with a mini 5" cutting cake. I was all arranged in a three tier coloured tier specially made by the birthday girl mom, couldn't manage to catch the tier coz' I completed the whole collection during 4am in the morning. After the delivery I was out station for three days.

When I came back from the get away, I was really relief my customer satisfied on this delivery. She mention to me on the disappointment she had previously before, so it was really a challenging order to take in.

Honestly to myself, I wasn't too satisfied with the outcome, maybe it's also my first time...anyway anything starts with a first time. It does make me braver now.

Everything comes with a sweet ending, the most importantly wasn't the one who paid in fact, the one who appreciate it so much when she saw the goofy. I was amazed myself, of all I think I do kind of like Goofy too, especially the two tiny white tooth, it really took me ages to stick that too tiny dot and make sure it holds, hahaha...