Monday, March 8, 2010

Sugee Cake (Petit Fours)

This was a sample wedding cake (petit fours), for my brother in-law's coming wedding...manage just one. Estimated for 270 pieces. They wanted a two colour, which is purple and pink.

They finalised with sugee and chocolate moist. Hopefully I don't disappoint them. This was just something like it but the real outlook have to be surprise and the main mini cake should be a real surprise for the couple itself. Wish them all the very best and God be with them throughout the whole new journey of life together.

More Black Forest cake

Ordered by my mum's friend for their friend's husband's Birthday.
Most of them are senior citizen, mainly on health conscious and some are diabetic...vegetarian so, try to make as light as possible. Upon the design it horrible to be, maybe was tied up with something else in mind and looks more like a Christmas cake to me then a birthday cake...the chocolate shavings are Cadbury milk was practically for 20 person.
Glad all of them love it very much especially the the taste and flavour which minus the liqueur...looks like this cake gains a lot of fan.