Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day Topper

This was specially custom made for my dad on this special day, using fondant paste. This I have some free tutorial by my special Flickr friends, surprise to spend not much time on a two piece thing, all are edible just the uncooked pasta which I use to secure both daddy and child head to the body so that it doesn't drop off easily.
Kind of heavy but the size is just nice for a mini cake size of 2 and a half inches in diameter.
Sorry never manage to get the shot with my Oreo mini cheesecake, because I was in a hurry to pack it very securely before I sent it off by courier service and the packing took me ages rather then the molding...haha.
I wasn't too sure if the cake reach in shape or is already off most of the parts.
Glad I made it and I manage to sent off my Thursday and reach him by Friday, at least knowing that I wasn't late.
About the mini cake, sorry if comment were leave and without any cake to view and just the topper, here I apologize, it's just my normal Oreo cake where I place exactly one whole piece of Oreo biscuit and the rest of the cakes are bits of Oreos' which is finely crushed and I mixed it all together to have the tiny little black dots all over the yellow cheese...hopefully whoever who loves to imagine and I was rather satisfied with the outcome of the shape and taste, all just blend in just nice, not too sweet, the height and the all in all shape of the cake.
Thank you for viewing and please leave me some comment to better improve in the future.

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