Wednesday, November 4, 2009

2009 Christmas Collection for cuppies and minicakes

It started with a proposal of an Orange Yogurt Cake, and this is the result after much try when the sample agreed to sent at the end of last month. This is the naked cake which haven't been dressed.

This was the collection I sent off for the sample that they want the flavour, flat top to avoid messed up and because it's for a gift away pack for an evening garden Christmas party and they requested fully sugar paste don't want any cream at all.

This was in fact my first try before the request so as you can see some cream been use, some 2D's and 3D's of course the 3D's are definitely more time consuming and fully hand molded.

This was basically out of idea on what more to go but trying not to use too much of sugar and towards out weather the twisted cane failed a few try because it cracks and gone down the dustbin.

I guess this is the sleepy pair of rain deer due to the cool weather...looks not too bad after I tried it...maybe not many will like but this was inspired by one of my Flikr friends on line it looks cute.

This Santa was eaten by my daughter...she saw it, but the cream does blend in much better then the full sugar paste one, comes to taste it taste better with the combination.

This was my first snowman, my imaginative snowman which at least stands at this humid weather here. Kids will like but not adults...haha I was thinking this snowman can be put onto my Christmas Yule log in my next posting, hopefully manage to post before Christmas.

This is the packing which is requested by my customer which is a gift away for their company's Christmas Garden Party, the ribbon was their corporate colour and the Christmas tag came with a Christmas tree shape which contains my contacts behind goes rather well with the whole package. Thanks to my Auntie for giving me chances to go and propose my cake.