Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Japanese Light Cheesecake

This cake is specially made for my mum in-law, she always wanted this cake for a long time, so I do have this recipe for sometime given from one of my good friend, just haven't really have the time and thought to do it do just take this special day to do all my love ones with what they love instead of what i think they like.

I'm out of time actually because i topped the cake only on the Mother's day morning before i headed home to my in-laws place he he.... even what colour she like i feel shame that i don't know, all i know is she just appreciate every effort i put in no matter what i do for her, she is a very very nice woman that i come to know, so since her name starts with a 'J' my daughter tell me, add some cute little things to it then when my daughter was telling me to add in the worm, i was just laughing at her and say...nonsense but i go with her instinct, she kind of like the whole final master piece all of us in....maybe all that matters is the love all of us put into the cake.

Finally we make it before 11am and well, Japanese light with vanilla sponge, topped with a thin layer of white chocolate frosting before i topped another layer of dark semi sweet chocolate frosting, of course the coloured little deco is of peppermint fondant. All they ate but the caterpillar and the toadstool they worry on the sweetness so they just put it aside. oh those eyes are from black sesame seeds so all are edible, just the plate not....Enjoy!

Cotton Cheesecake

It's a last minute cake when my neighbour call to order for the next day Mother's Day. It's kind of a total blank order where they just mention cheesecake, so all i thought about is cotton cheese, it's very light and easy to like even those who doesn't really like cheese will fall in love with the texture itself.

What's worst is my neighbour's daughter order for her mum and she doesn't know what her mum likes, so from daily observation, from her clothing's she loves wearing i think I'll just give it a shot that she might loves it even she doesn't eats the cake. It's called cotton is because of the texture, soft as cotton. It's a very classic cake anyone will like or at anytime of the day.

So as the first cake that i made for my mum, cheese is always good with chocolate, so i did ask my neighbour and they doesn't want cream so i just does the frosting and the flowers as my basic ones just additional cute little fellas in for the kids to enjoy. Haven't really met them, hope they really feels satisfy with what they ordered.

Macadamia Cheesecake

This was made specially for my mum for Mother's Day, her favourite colour is yellow and she doesn't like milk so much so i have to think of something that she really enjoy inside out from her heart. This was a new cheesecake to me though but does have some challenges and the time that took me to complete this piece really challenge my patience.

Firstly, the macadamia nuts is driving me crazy, i was scouting high and low for that, but at last i just bought it the edible nuts which cost me quite a bit but worth it when i myself saw the final piece and i have a chance to taste it aha... It's with the finest cream cheese, macadamia nuts which i have to blend in with the fresh milk and the chocolate frosting was done by double whipped, fresh milk and semi sweet dark chocolate. The coloured stuff is from my usual peppermint fondant. Wasn't too good at the flowers yet still a beginner after all. Trying improve though.
I do wish i can really polish on the roses, it will be definitely good if yellow and white roses are added in, I'm sure my mu will love those as well. Whoever who wish for a try no harm ordering though. Worth a try, i would class this cake as a good cake.