Tuesday, December 16, 2008

More Seasonal Samples

This was one of my most welcoming sample of all, but not many people will want it because of the topping, looks nice but not that good to savour, some say too much and some just love it.

When i made this for a friend, she just love the way it turned out and she gave me a repeat order for her friends and customers.

This was all self taught and was inspired from some of my flickr friends, all our hands are different and it turned out to be different. Thanks to all my friends who gave me the encouragement and desire to create it. It needs some patience and a little of time to do that but the outcome was rather satisfying.

Please inform me in advance if you wish to customize ur own design. Thank you

Seasonal Samples

This was made specially for the coming Chinese New Year, it's a customised design. I thought it might have a very good meaning for either young or old,can be presented as a gift, to share and taste or meaningful.

It's an Oreo Mini Cheesecake whereby top with a layer of cream cheese frosting. The gold and the silver balls are all eatable. Silver and Gold does have a good fortune for such an occasion around.

It looks nice when it's slice in between because of the oreo which have a double dark brown and the centre are white, taste as good as it looks. It's just one of the design i present to my customers, there are more.

Please do let me know if you want to customize any design to cater for your loved ones.