Monday, October 5, 2009

Yogurt Mix Nuts Nougatine Cheesecake

I hope this look new to anyone who happen to drop by to my blog, it something new to myself either, just happen to have drop by a page of recipe that I feel challenging to make for my own birthday but never make it but at least I made it an attempt to work it out but learn a lot during the process.

I kind of like the whole package outlook of the final piece just slack in some little here and there as usual for a first try I guess but the wholesome of the taste was just nice smooth, fragrant and crunchy at the same time. The base itself I self blended in some secret recipe to in case of the extra sweetness that the milk might bring in and the yogurt topping that amaze me the most, haven't dealt with such an extra amount of eggs in the cheese and unfamiliar with the funny temperature to bake the whole cake.

Here's just something to share, give it a shot and you'll be amaze....but not everyone love it, everyone have individual taste, myself will just put it as a moderate cheesecake which i guess those who doesn't like it too rich, this is alright for them and not sweet at all, maybe the caramelized sugar which blend in the hazelnuts, almonds and walnut makes it even.

Mid Autumn Mini Yogurt Nut Cheesecake

Sorry if this is late but was pretty satisfied with the very first attempt on the challenge my brother gave me a year ago which I wouldn't dare to try it out and it almost impossible but anyhow I made it at last.

This is probably gonna be my first collection, it's nice with the whole packaging of either 4 or 6 pieces in the transparent box just that colour wise is a little limited since cheese have only one colour.

It's a pretty mini ones which usually accommodate for those clear crystal moon cake sizes but this was a baked cheesecake unlike those moon cake which only contain a high level of sugar but little cheese inside. About the cheese I always stick to my cream cheese of 60% less fat and it's 100% halal unlike moon cakes you will have to think of the oil u use and so on...this is basically a cake which i take a step further to transform it to moon cake that's enjoy and try it for the next coming season, none in the market yet.