Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Yule Log

Big apology to my dear blogger relatives and friends, have a very tight month and I know this wasn't the Yule Log that I expect it to look, it should be way better but luckily I did manage to make the cake satisfying to the last bite... at least from the young ones and old ones.
It's a brandy white chocolate Swiss me it's smooth texture of the creamy fragrant taste and feeling is really satisfying. Finished topped with chocolate ganache which wasn't sweet but just creamy enough to blend in with everything.

It's for you to taste and find out yourself, it might not be your taste but since this is purely homemade, fresh and satisfying till the last bite. Wasn't a very good shot because it's taken very late and my lighting was totally out. At least there is a virtual cake to view. Do leave some comments on ideas or critics in order for me to improve better....