Friday, August 20, 2010

Cupcake Tier for any Occasion

Just a simple cupcake tier to show that it can be use for any special occasion from the day you are born. Baby Shower, Full Moon, Birthday, Hantaran or Door gifts, Weddings, Anniversary, Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, Reunion Dinner, Simple Tea party, Meetings, Promotion, Farewell, Get Well Soon, Valentine, Easter, St. Patricks, Thanksgiving or just a simple sweet thought to just give something sweet and nice away for anyone nice or love ones, not necessary for special occasions.

Just a simple small tier consist of 29 pieces of cupcakes.

Ramadan Gift Aways

This specially made for those who is celebrating this special occasion with love ones regardless of near or far. This can be just given away as one or few in a box for the whole family to enjoy...This is just the cupcakes, some might want to include this special simple set of cupcakes with a small cutting cake.

This can be custom made but of course it's just a sample for my beloved fellow friends, relatives and blogger to view an just an idea on what it can be done for such special occasion. As i always mention it will be same with other cakes and cupcakes, because it can be custom made towards what it want to look or taste like.

Door gifts for Weddings or Hantaran

Just one simple set of door gifts for an exhibition. Plain and simple of pink and light red. Usually it's individually packed but if it's for Hantaran then it comes sometimes in 16, 24 or more just altered to the size of box and the size of the cupcakes.

This is just some sample but there is always customized cupcakes provided by the one who ordered it to make it more meaningful to this big occasion.

Baby Showers

Here some sets to share, either it's a boy or a girl, especially mother's and of course not missing hubby and grandparents. It comes with a pack of four medium cupcakes and two red eggs as a tradition but it doesn't only giveaways but a pack of love, gratitude, happiness and appreciation.

The cakes are custom made to altered perfection upon health. There are choices of cakes, from the simplest sponge to the highest quality of cheese.

A Very big Apology to all

First of all I would really like to apologize on my missing in action for over a month, been not very well, tide up with errands and things to get settled, being going all out for baking and a home maker.

Better make it short and to the point, I'm basically full time baking now, to my all time supporters please do continue to loyal, and of course I have to work extra hard.

Thank you.