Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Upclose of Hazelnut Cheesecake

This is the closeup look, no doubt it wasn't too smooth on the side but manage to smoothed the top, at first i was just thinking of fresh cream after the layer of Hazelnut cheese coating, but later think twice if i need to wait for hours till we can really cut and eat, so i just ignore and go ahead with vanilla butter cream, so just some enough to make the droplets to hold the hazelnut wafer, those two colours are both my two daughters favourite so i thought it was for their Godmother after all so i just put those two colours together, surprise to blend in rather well even with the yellowish brownish hazelnut cheese.

My mum was telling me the cake looks horrible with too much of things but i was just laughing to myself, i wasn't any good decorator but i do have to ask for ideas, even from my youngest daughter sometimes.

My main point is, my secret ingredients tells all. The taste that matters most. i just can't describe it just with words, i won't say i have the best cake in town but it does taste satisfying and the experiment is really paid off. Just to mention only the Hazelnut cheese is good enough to even spread it alone on the plain bread.