Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Chocolate sponge Hazelnut Cheesecake

This was rather a special cake for me myself, specially made for my elder daughter, she wanted either a doll cake or a castle cake, very challenging for a first timer like myself.

It was a long weekend and can't manage to get any of her friends to come but pull it together and she is all excited what am I actually doing for her. I know her all time favourite is pink and Chocolate cake but I never go with the usual one, in fact this time around she ask me for a Peanut cake...i was thinking what cake was I did search high and low whether I have such recipe in my baking finally I tot I go with what i think good for all.

Now I know why the shop charge it so high...pricing. I had two Wilton store bought doll specially for this doll cake and sent in by my father, yet wasn't satisfied with the outlook so, I just decided to go buy one original Barbie for my small one completed with purple dancing outfit with purple shimmering slippers.

I learn something very new during the whole process and it does take up a lot of effort and time....I felt like giving up when the clock struck 2.30am and I needed a toothpick to hold up my eyelid.

My daughter got up at 6.30am and wanted to just catch a glimpse of her mysterious cake... and got scolded bad into bed. Finally I manage myself up at 7am and say to her let me finish up some final touches...

To me the satisfaction of the overall process is always the smile tells it all. and the Wow! look on others... this cake is not sweet, light n satisfying, nothing special just the effort. Love my daughters and just want to give them everything I can.

The partly cut out cake and the torn off sugar paste..., luckily never got the shot of the torn out dress left her nothing...I warn her not to take so much, but this time I was glad even the fondant paste is home made, 100% Halal, added vanilla powder and honey. So the sugar level is reduced. Prices ranges, and call to enquire. Thank you for taking your precious time to browse through my blog, and do please leave comments.