Monday, July 6, 2009

Chocolate Tiramisu Cake

This cake was specially made for my brother's Birthday on the 4th July, first attempt on the Tiramisu filling recipe I got it from Brazil. Majority of us who tasted the cake feels unsatisfied including myself, but first try....there is always a second one to come and I'm sure the second one will be great.

Learn from mistake takes me further. The chocolate shaving, I kind of regret it because it turns out rather sweet, only children will love it. Better to be either a bitter sweet or straight goes for dark bitter ones will blend in better.

Overall, my chocolate sponge turns out very well and the softness of the cake makes it easy and nice even we have more then one serving. Just that the amount of brandy just too mild....should go for more in my next one dare to put and the taste will be great....haha.

Homemade Chicken Pie

Wanted to do it for a very long time ago but haven't have the time to do so, finally have the time and guts to do it, the shot wasn't so good because I did this quite late after dinner during the weekend.
Wasn't that satisfied with the outcome of the pastry texture and the whole outlook of course. I never check my cupboard if I have enough pie dish to actually fit all in so I just did it out of freehand and well it looks just plain.
All in all, I would say is the filling that satisfy me most, everything is just great, from the texture, the amount of chicken and the taste, blend in smooth and the saltiness which goes rather well with the fragrant pie pastry. Will definitely go for a second try.