Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Chocolate Moist

This was preordered by my auntie for her eight year old daughter for her birthday that she invited us to and I'm really honoured that she give me such chances to make this special cake for her. It's a chocolate moist which her daughter love and sandwiched with peanut sauce and topped with chocolate ganache.

All the little figurines was also requested as her daughter's favourite bear and picnic theme goes with all, still learning and I wasn't really satisfied with what I did because for the past whole week it was either hot or humid and raining every evening, the sugar paste doesn't work out as I wanted it to be...luckily with Gods grace it holds together till the very moment I present it to the birthday girl and her smile on her face means more then anything.

Please do forgive me as I was careless to leave behind the red ribbon on her grey bear but she was smiling and that means more then any words could describe.

My box wasn't tall enough to place everything up on top of the cake that is why I have to crack my head to try place everything she loves to the cake.

Her favourite grey bear is always by her side having a slice of cake with a cup of tea with her bear friend and the other bear went off with her picnic basket which contains some apple and strawberry playing and went toppled over while the butterfly just stops on the bear feet and other park little friends just watch...her favourite colour is also purple.

Hopefully it does create some story to go with the birthday girl. Glad she loves it.

Thank you A. Gidget and U. Matt.

Mini Peach Cheesecake

I made this when I saw it in one of the book in a store and I thought it was a rare cheesecake where hardly can see in cake shops so I really want to try it out if it does looks like what stated in the book...

The decorative sponge lining was thin and it's fragile and can easily break, rather satisfied with the overall even though the look doesn't seems to be as perfect as I wanted to be.

It's a very light chilled cheesecake, just good for breakfast or tea, definitely great with a cup of coffee, tea, hot milk or hot chocolate.

This cheesecake contains of a thin layer of vanilla sponge at the bottom and the decorative sponge lining to go around the chilled peach cheese filling, the peaches are cut into chunks. This cheesecake can always add to any one's favourite, because we can use any fruits even as simple as grapes either the green sourly ones or the red sweet ones is great to the lighter side of the cheesecake.

Whoever have tasted this might give it an 8 out of 10 but to me....can be better.

It does take sometime but the outcome of the cake is just good as it looks. this bottom one I just try to make it without any decorative sponge lining and looks normal the taste without the slightly sweet sponge lining makes it a little heavy, still with the lining it taste better.