Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Chocolate Chips Moist Cuppies

This was a breakfast cuppies for my daughter to bring for her school, there is actually a combination of combine chips black and white chocolate, it melts off some infact especially those inside the cuppies ones. Moist enough with added cup of buttermilk and it's pretty rich, to me it was just ok, rather filling with this large portion, I think i'll still stick to my medium cuppies for children, for adults its fine but for the kids they just got three quarter and they'll leave it till the next helping.

Buttermilk is great not only on cuppies but to any cake to add extra nutrition and moisture to the consumer. Not many of us fancy for chips but I think for kids chips more is really good for them...have to really work on the portioning when work on an extra rich cake like this. Enjoy!

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