Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Chocolate Chips Moist Cuppies

This was a breakfast cuppies for my daughter to bring for her school, there is actually a combination of combine chips black and white chocolate, it melts off some infact especially those inside the cuppies ones. Moist enough with added cup of buttermilk and it's pretty rich, to me it was just ok, rather filling with this large portion, I think i'll still stick to my medium cuppies for children, for adults its fine but for the kids they just got three quarter and they'll leave it till the next helping.

Buttermilk is great not only on cuppies but to any cake to add extra nutrition and moisture to the consumer. Not many of us fancy for chips but I think for kids chips more is really good for them...have to really work on the portioning when work on an extra rich cake like this. Enjoy!

Rich Butter Peach Cake

This was one of the not so ordinary cake for me to do but it's just upon customize by my uncle for her special wife, my auntie. I hope she likes it...I can admit I was a bad cake decorator comes to idea and so on, I always did a bad job, but hopefully the taste pulls it together. Thanks to one of my other auntie that manage to bring the cake all the way down to KL to present it to her sister's birthday.

To me bake cakes last the most is 5 days but due to the journey and weather I think it's just best to consume it straight away because of no preservatives use to prolong the life of the cake. This rich butter cake is sandwiched with slices of peaches with whipped, topped with chocolate ganache and peach syrup and the bag, its my first try to wrapped a piece of cake in rolled fondant.

Happy Birthday Auntie Jess, hope you and your family love it. Please anyone if happen to come in and visit this page do leave comment so that I can improve better. Thanks.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lemon Cheese Chocolate Sponge

This was specially made for my beloved sister in law to be for her Birthday. A very light cake and simple one compare to my usual rich and heavy cheesecake. Well it depends on the recipient whom I made for.

I really running out of idea on what to be for her special day, I want her to remember that her birthday is also special to all of us. So from what I notice from her daily dress up and appearance, she loves looking good so it's also inspired from some of my Flickr friends where i always go for any inspiration...and this is my very first attempt on trying on a heels, daring but spoil a few in my process.

I don't have any special mold or the sandal but I saw a very similar one which Penelope Cruise wore in one of the Woman's weekly magazine so I tried it on a different colour scheme. The original pair was all black, so it won't be so nice if no colour added on the cake. I made some cuppies to back my mini cake as well.

I think I learn alot from this time...never ever try any lemon with's a disaster...very sorry. It doesn't reach to my sister in law in good shape, the colour fades after hours in the humidity...but she was so nice to say it was ok.

I really felt bad and uncomfortable with what happen. Just to be lucky to get the shot of some good ones before I hand it to her.

The frosting was lemon cream cheese and the cake is chocolate sponge sandwiched with the lemon cheese so it's light, comes with sweet and sour but overall the outlook makes my heart sank when I open the box.

Please if you and your friends tasted the cake leave some comment so I can further improve on it...and get ready for your big day next year.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Chocolate Tiramisu Cake

This cake was specially made for my brother's Birthday on the 4th July, first attempt on the Tiramisu filling recipe I got it from Brazil. Majority of us who tasted the cake feels unsatisfied including myself, but first try....there is always a second one to come and I'm sure the second one will be great.

Learn from mistake takes me further. The chocolate shaving, I kind of regret it because it turns out rather sweet, only children will love it. Better to be either a bitter sweet or straight goes for dark bitter ones will blend in better.

Overall, my chocolate sponge turns out very well and the softness of the cake makes it easy and nice even we have more then one serving. Just that the amount of brandy just too mild....should go for more in my next one dare to put and the taste will be great....haha.

Homemade Chicken Pie

Wanted to do it for a very long time ago but haven't have the time to do so, finally have the time and guts to do it, the shot wasn't so good because I did this quite late after dinner during the weekend.
Wasn't that satisfied with the outcome of the pastry texture and the whole outlook of course. I never check my cupboard if I have enough pie dish to actually fit all in so I just did it out of freehand and well it looks just plain.
All in all, I would say is the filling that satisfy me most, everything is just great, from the texture, the amount of chicken and the taste, blend in smooth and the saltiness which goes rather well with the fragrant pie pastry. Will definitely go for a second try.