Monday, January 11, 2010

Mini Wedding Cake

It was upon a request of my beloved auntie who wants to present it to the lovely couple that we gonna attend their wedding KL. Haven't know the bride to be but know the groom personally, just out of idea when the favour is out of no time at all, so I just call up the grooms sister to ask for any idea on what cake they like most after all if it doesn't turn out well at least the cake won't be thrown away but scrape off the rest and gulp it down instead...hehe

So they agree on Chocolate moist and I said it was a really good choice because it's eggless and it last for days even it's all done within 24hrs without reference at all out of a blank mind all I know is the theme colour is purple so I wasn't so please with the outcome because of the cracks that appear to the buds of the flowers so I just hope the bride and groom loves it.
Feedback wasn't so bad they love it and it tasted good as well, glad it's over and pleases everyone...thank you for the honour to present them with a smallest gift from my heart. With all the very best in the future undertakings, Love you all.

Christmas 2009

This two cakes was made specially for my close family and relatives back at my in-laws place.
It was a plain Sugee cake, sugar lessen to accommodate to the white milk chocolate for the dressing and the peppermint flower paste for the wreath. This Christmas Yule Log is White Chocolate, Brandy roll topped with Dark Chocolate Ganache...of course the presents and other deco is handmade with homemade peppermint paste.
Was quite a rush celebration and occasion which we make in a very small scale that is why I opt off the smaller cakes for the children...mostly meant for the adults this time around.
Will appreciate if whoever tasted this cakes leave some comment to improve further...thanks and Have a great 2010 New Year ahead. Sorry for the late post.