Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Basic Valentine Starters

This shot was taken in a hurry before i delivered to my friend for some sample, wasn't that please after all, even look more like i did it just in a hurry. Will post in more when the time is nearer. I'm sure Valentine is a special occasion for all. The thought, heart and feelings all just blend to make this day special.

Another common one

Just another common ones for most of my family members, relatives n friends, they somehow do prefer less sweet, from top to the last bite. Even the fondant are basically from icing sugar but the content are very very little. Then comes the cheese frosting which i apply just a think layer to accompny the original flavour of the chocolate cheesecake which is sugarless. It's just somehow just good for those having diabetic to savour.

Joy Angel

This wasn't a very good shot but to just full up part of my christmas collection last Christmas. A Joy angel molded with fondant, on top of vanilla butter cream on a chocolate mud cake.