Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day Topper

This topper was made for my husband, where each small bear represent both my two little angel with each favourite colour flower on top of the bear head, sorry for the bad shot it wasn't so clear but just ok for viewing purposes.

This topper was also place on a mini cheesecake to be presented by my daughter to my husband. I never manage to catch the look after he took them out. Because my elder daughter couldn't resist the sugar each time she sees it, oh this time she ate all the ears and left them without ears and told her father to put into the fridge so he can have it the next morning.

My auntie came and saw it when my husband took out from the fridge and she said oh it looks like mini Orang Utans...awwh what a pity, but glad I make it special for everyone who I consider them Father. On the making my small one saw it but all she said is so nice those family bears, never let my big one to see until the very day to ask her to present it to her dad, if not things might be missing from every where.

To me the looks on the recipient is all that matters most to me....and the look of satisfaction on those who ate the last piece.

Thank you for viewing and please leave me some comment to better improve in the future.

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