Thursday, September 10, 2009

Japanese inspired Green Tea roll

This was a die hard wanted list to my baking ...but tried it at last.

This special recipe I have it from a friend in year 2008, but never have a chance or should say no confidence to try it out and I have allot of feed backs that the cake cracks, too sweet or no green tea taste at all.

But to be honest, I was happy with the trying, just first try and I found it rather satisfied as every feedback from some of my friends are proven wrong, I found this recipe just as perfect...moist, spongy, soft, not too sweet at all and most of all is the green tea fragrant is what I feel satisfied about.

It does take up a little time to make the whole thing and of course the waiting is worth every slices and mouthful. In fact what surprise me most is kids love it as well, and they ask for more. The filling takes a bit of time to make it and allot of energy to mash and mix the thing. It's red bean paste had mix in streaks to the whipped cream and I can tell you it kills your arm to mix up the whole 1 cup....

Will do more in the future, definitely goes well with a cup of tea.