Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dark n' White Chococlate Pudding Cake

This was something I did for our weekend snack, especially for my two chocolate angels at home. It's a rich portion but they share it among themselves and ask for a second serving but got to stop them because they had it within 15 minutes after dinner...
For myself it was nice when it's still warm because with the extra glaze of creamy brown sugar, surprisingly not sweet at all...blend in just fine.
The white chopped bits was actually gone even when we just poke through with the fork. I did save two in the fridge to try the chill one but chill and upon savouring, pour the warm glaze to try, the white chocolate appear, maybe after cool off the temperature, certain aliment freeze up and form to original.
All in all taste rather satisfying even after having a heavy meal.