Monday, August 24, 2009

Variety packed Cheesecake

This was an order from my husband's company lunch gathering before heading off for the fasting month.

The first one was an Oreo Cheesecake as all time favourite, the middle one was the classic bake of Digestive which is for those health concious consumer and the last one was a chocolate moist topped with a thick layer of cheese, the double layer cake. All this are the one pound cake which I have in my list for cake tester.

Usually this naked cakes are those my customers favourite during festive season because of the lifespan, no problem when transporting and it won't just melt off...nice when it's chilled even thawed in room temperature. Just some tips, this is a rather heavy cheesecake, but for some cheese lovers they'll love it. Have a try n you'll not regret. Thanks and have a nice day.

Chocolate Moist

Must be a chocolate month, everyone wanted a chocolate cake, I think whoever view this blog will get boring, any other cake I know how to bake must be the question....???

This cake was specially bake for my little sister in KL but I really disappoint her, sending it down by courier, I made a very big mistake that I never personnally saw those person in charge placing the fragile tag on the package, they damage the whole cake. When I saw what she took for me the picture when she open up, my heart was breathless for a second. What on earth happen, is like an earthquake just happen.

I think no one would imagine the worst, my figurine is gone into pieces, my whole cake broke, I think if it's handle with care or they nvr throw definately it will be still alright. Because I sent off with a careful check, those figurine just touch the cover which could hold the thing in shape, even slight trigger wouldn't damage the thing. Imagine the damage on the cake itself...there must be throwing. I really curse and swear, and this wasn't my first time sending such cake down to KL and this is really my unlucky day having such bad incident.

I think, careful is still the trick of the whole thing and the person in charge to really handle with care. Couldn't sleep thinking of that nightmare.

Chocolate Moist Individual Minicakes

This was specially done for my long lost good friends from my secondary school. In fact I made these for their kids and some mini classic digestive cheesecakes for them and their husband but never really manage to get some shot before I went and meet them up. Sorry fellow friends and bloggers, I never manage to get a sharp and good shot for you all to view but mainly on memories and the final tastebud of individual who tasted the cakes. Not my way of doing it so clumsily.

Sorry ladies, Siti Norbaya & Husband, Aryanti, Azira and Nazirah. Glad you all enjoyed it.

Just a very simple chocolate moist minicakes and it's topped with peanut sauce. please leave some comment for me to improve better. Thanks for giving me chances to try for you ladies to share.