Saturday, April 10, 2010

Assorted Cheesecake

This cake is ordered to be place in a Tea house but mainly for testing. The very first one is banana custard cheesecake, is a rich cheesecake, the second one is a classic digestive cheesecake with grainy combination of cocoa, brown sugar and crushed nuts, also a rich one.

The third one was a rich Macadamia cheesecake which needs to be cooked on stove top. Well this cake is individual preference but the fragrant of the roasted macadamia nuts with fresh milk will tell you what it taste like.
The last one is a light cheesecake which layered over vanilla sponge lining, roasted ground hazelnut cheesecake. To be honest not many people know how to enjoy good cheesecake so end of it is still towards individual taste buds.