Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Thank You Cakes

This was made for my daughters caretaker since she was born. It's a confinement home where there are quite a few of them including the two 'yee ma' like God mother to her, all of them are very loving.

My daughter is leaving them is just that sh is going to nursery, it's just time for her to go out and learn and mix around instead of her new born friends she use to have in the center. Since my daughter favourite colour is purple and pink and most of them there love chocolate so i just decided to made some of this so just let them know that I appreciate their love and care.

I did the cakes just the night before i sent to them, well good that i stayed in an apartment and it wasn't hot plus those extra friends wasn't so welcome, pesticides doesn't really occurs so i just let it open even in the box, for some air for those icing to stay good, the topping is with peppermint handmade fondant paste. The frosting is Honey Cream Cheese. Overall the combination just nice. The sugar fondant after adding peppermint it smells very nice taste wise not so sweet as the original. The cream cheese is good enough to even just for spreading on the bread. Enjoy!

Oreo Bread Cuppies

Love trying on new things, instead of going for cupcakes, i do try this simple bread cuppies, which is just good for breakfast or anytime of the day, it won't feel very full, not too sweet and what surprise me most is the Oreo biscuit which turns out as soft as the texture of the bread which add the extra fragrant on the bread itself.

No yeast needed and that saves a lot of time, even can be bake in the morning before we take those hot ones to work or school. Using brown sugar for health purposes.

Molten Choc

I wasn't too sure on the exact name of the cake, but it was a little similar of the french Chocolate Molten moist cake where the inside is soft and jiggle when it's cut hot out from the oven.

Never really manage to get the shot when my daughter was enjoying herself with the chocolate as it's always her favourite, in fact she names it air cond cake i don't know why, oh the shape, i don't really have the right mold for that, just made it out from my porcelene tea cups that is why the shape is like a cone of hot ice cream.

In fact this cake contains a lot of eggs one cup of it contains one. The one in the correct souffle cup ones i gave it to my mum to take it home and left all the funny shape to myself. It's super rich, it's just nice for an evening tea or after dinner during TV time.

Egg Tarts

This was made to satisfy some cravings and the experiment did paid off, in fact my mum help me on the pastry, outcome wasn't too bad and of course the egg that matters the most.

Imagine when done baking, my daughter the first to finish the eggs topping and not the pastry. This was made for the weekend for the children and of course for my hubby.

Will definitely go for second and more shots to get better results or should say time does wasted quite a lot despite of the taste.

All in all just good. This haven't really dare to put out in the market...haha