Monday, June 1, 2009

Carrot Cheesecake n Cuppies

This cakes and cuppies are made specially for the real day of my daughter's birthday to be celebrated with her class mates and teacher's in school.

Wasn't a good shot, but manage to capture some of the process that i make to complete the exact piece. It might look very similar like the very first one which I did it for the weekend but i can't help just because she loves the purple dinosaur so much.

The puppies are made specially for those born of the doggy year of 2003, since this is for all of them who born on the same year so i just decided to place some in for the fun of looking at the expression of those little ones. Decide on a very last minute coz' I'm totally out of idea. The doggy was without any support on the neck that is why it's fully on the ground, hopefully it's as cute as i imagine.

This are the twelve cuppies which i did it for her classmates. I'm rather surprise with the outcome and i did it with deep thoughts on what it might allergic for those little ones, so i finalise it with cream cheese frosting so that i don't need any raw eggs in any of the butter cream. Teachers feedback was rather pleasing with the looks on the kids face when they saw the food...all the ask can we actually eat the cute little things on top of the so called this days can be very imaginative though.

This topper was initially o be on top of the cake but this mini cake turns out to be too high for my box, luckily i prepared a rather bigger base for this cake so all of what i have hand molded for the cake have to lay on the base in front of the cake and i have to secure it's position with tiny bit's of cream cheese so it doesn't toppled all over the box. Oh yes those tiny little buds of roses was thought by my flickr friends online hope the outcome of it doesn't disappoint her. My first time.

This is the exact mini cake looks like, again the shot is horrible I really wish i had a better and sharper view to show, because i kind of like the final of what i put together. Well my small one really love purple so i have no choice to put in more colour to make it not so boring and she agrees on the pink anyway, but she keep s telling people and her friend that's Chlo and Barney celebrating her birthday, glad she loves it. Since this is my very first time to put in some 3D stuff together, in the near future i will improve better. Given chances to do better i needed a lot of support from all of you my fellow friends, viewer and customers. Thanks, please don't hesitate to leave comment in order for me to do better in future.