Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Japanese Cottoncheese Souffle Cake

This is my first time to place a Chinese wording onto a cake, because it's for my mum, I'll try anything, the funny part is my standard one Chinese school daughter came in and ask me if my hands are shaking, I have to admit yes my hand does shake a little, but I know the meaning behind the words does mean a lot that is why my brother ask me to try my best...so I suppose this is the outcome of it. In fact, I wasn't satisfy with the final effect even on the colour itself, I suppose the tinge of the liquid gold colour woks well only on piping jelly but for consumption my daughter tasted and say not nice so I have to choose butter cream instead to write those special words.

This was really another great challenge that my brother requested for a custom made cake where I guess no one will want to take. This cake maybe normal to others but all specially custom made to my mum's taste, on her age, likings, favourite and full of meaning.

Why I say it's full of everything, it's because of the age we go for as light as possible but the fragrant of cheese which youngsters and children might like as well. I chose the best and into detail of things to make the one and only cake which I think I won't be making anymore unless there are special request for their special one like mum to us. It's a very light cheesecake, sandwiched with toasted half macadamia nuts, topped with fresh cream, surround by semi-sweet Hershey's chocolate and cover with toasted almond nibs.

The colour combination is I survey it before hand. White is clean and pure which most of old people would prefer, the yellow is my mums favourite which symbolises royal and exclusive, the eleven roses symbolizes you are the most important person in our life and your are the one that we love most. it was a surprise cake for her, I was kind of disappointed when some of the roses petals fall off due to the weather.

Last but not least...nuts is something my mum loves, that is why my brother wants me to include that. I did learn a lot during the process, from the calligraphy to the inner part of the cake, partly was disappointed with this special recipe given by my friend from Japan, maybe due to the weather or certain condensation which makes the cake a little dry, should use my original cotton cheese instead or upon using my all time favourite of macadamia cheesecake should taste better.

Please do leave some comment if anyone who is pro in this happen to browse through, for further improvement. Thank you... Glad she enjoyed it with her grandchildren.