Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Cotton Honey Glaze Minicheesecakes

This was something i plan for weeks, no doubt that the outcome still needs to be improve but overall those who ate it feels satisfied. Those colourful toppers are real quails egg. I did that is because this whole cake process does participate by my elder daughter. She likes seeing cute fancy things so i thought that just give it a shot and after the thinking about the time that we have wasn't so much, i never manage to get the shoestring licorice and some jellybeans from candy shops on the island so just as usual using my food colouring i did this using the sharpest colour i have on hand, just four of it.

The funny thing is i have a different size of tray of the cakes so it came out unbalance for three of the cakes but manage to pull through just for eating purposes.

The funny thing is that those eggs when they put it up while i guess the frosting to try holding it so it won't toppled over when transporting down to my in laws place, when they put one on top of the mini cakes they put one in their own mouth as well, they enjoy them self so much helping me to complete the box of mini cakes after all.

It's cotton cheesecakes but i make into two layer, where i can spread the glaze in between and just the toppers purpose just to keep it as light as possible for health purposes and it won't feel too much or too rich for any of us to consume.

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