Monday, April 13, 2009

Carrot Mixnuts

This carrot cake is specially made for my auntie when she bought back a lot of walnuts from her Hong Kong trip last two weeks, so she just ask me if i know the recipe of this special carrot cake. It's lot of shredding and work to be done but the best thing is it's egg less and it blend with brown sugar so it's vegetarian and is suitable for diabetic consumer.

So i just mixed it all not only with walnut but hazel nut and almond. I think the secret hidden ingredient is still the cinnamon where not everyone likes the spice taste, but without it it doesn't taste as good as the original carrot cake where i first tasted in New Zealand, 7 years ago during my own honeymoon.

Well it can be serve warm, or cold, some will just enjoy it by itself but some do like to blend in with the warm and cold scoop of ice cream or just some cold condensed milk will be great.

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