Monday, April 13, 2009

Cappucino Cream Cheese

This cake doesn't really exist in any recipe book, Just thought of it and came to my mind a specially made for my brother in-laws birthday, but this cake really tested my skill and experiment and learn from mistake to make this looks presentable and definitely you won't get it outside, unless you custom made for yourself to present to someone close to you.

Just don't misinterpret but this design my daughter thought for their uncle and our family's love bird, no doubt that is just my brother in laws birthday but this cake meant for two, himself and my sister in law to be.

At first no planning to do anything special for it is an Easter week and i was busy preparing for Easter instead for his birthday so i got myself sometime left and i came to this when i just saw a cappuccino mouse powder in the baking shop so i thought just giving it a shot and it looks bad, tasted just OK for me but just too mild and stupid to trust the shop that i got an original powder but got conned and it turn out that i added few tablespoonfuls extra but yet still wasn't good enough and the looks are really disappointing.

I guess i will make this a real lesson to improve more, if given more chance. Happy trying, hope they like it.

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