Monday, April 13, 2009

Chocolate Bar Cheese cuppies

This is made specially for my kids and some of their friends who is coming for our Easter Luncheon. It tuns out satisfied even the look wasn't that great after the play they put on the cake the night before when i about to put into the oven for baking.

The taste is just divine, i used fine brown sugar and yet lessen the original amount because i was using semi sweet chocolate, the moisture of it is because of the milk.

The cream cheese in the middle was just nice to blend with the semi sweet moist chocolate. Soothing to the throat and it's OK if anyone want more then one helping.

About the lifespan of this cake it does surprise me, it lasted for a week, it's just great for parties, even with the cheese it's OK to just let it rest outside without putting into the fridge, but to those who love it chill it also does keeps the moisture intact maybe it's because of the cheese coating and the paper cups which just restore the original flavour and moisture without drying it out.

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