Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Oven Bake Cakes

I personally love baking from schooling days, firstly started with cookies and normal cakes but later feels challenge to go further for harder and special cakes where some we can have only at home and not outside. No added preservatives at all and this are basically love by mothers who is working and no time to do the extras but desert or should it be an appetizer for their healthy family to savour whenever they want, it's affordable with full and nutritious ingredients. Wether is for their young toddler to their old grandmother, we always have something to suit it with.

As mention, homemade is always a flexibility of changing and altering the ingredients suitable for the consumer whereby please mention if there are specific health concern in their diets or requirement please inform me upon ordering.

Here are just some list of serving which at times fits in for 2 or more which is up to almost 2kg/4 pound.

Here are some delectable variety to choose from:-

1. Chocolate Velvet
2. Chocolate Mud
3. Carrot Cheese
4. Cotton Cheese
5. Chiffon Cheese
6. Banana Moist
7. Carrot n Mixed Nuts

Orders must be placed at least three days ahead so that i can get things done right to perfection and some ample time for you beautiful ladies and hansome gentlemans if i wasn't available to meet up ur orders then you all still have options to shop around for alternatives.

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