Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Some Intro to Digest

Our cakes are sold exclusively from our home bakery.

Cheese cakes n Chocolate cakes in particular are what we've been known for. We also have quite a delectable range of oven baked cakes. All ingredients used are based on updates health concious society today, especially comes to sweet and rich treat like that but i can guarantee you the cheese is specially choose and it's 60% less fat, chocolates i only use imported swiss and hersheys unsweetened. Please specify recipient health condition so that i can blend to it exp: diabetic patient who loves to have some sweet treat, we will be careful and the ingredient bake in specially for you.

Our cakes are suitable for any occasions - be it Engagement, Wedding, Anniversaries, Celebrations, Birthdays, Valentines and special events such as New Year or Christmas corporate or personal give aways, for Baby Shower (full moon or baptism) or even as a thoughtful gift to loved ones. Don't forget, our cakes can be served during tea and dinner parties, office gatherings or simply as an after meal dessert. We also believe our cakes are the perfect companion for any romantic couples over the weekend DVD movie in the evening. Come to think about it, our cakes really do fit in anywhere.

I CANNOT design for you without some "stories" or suggestions from you! I need to be inspired. I need to know what will make a difference to the person you want to give the cakes to!

These are personalized cakes - not standardized cakes. I CAN help you to think and create but I am not a psychic! I do not know your friend!

So please help to think what will make 'the recipient of the cake' happy. Then only will it have a special meaning :) OK?

(Orders placed preferably by phone) and delivered directly to your doorstep.

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