Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Seasonal Cookies & Tarts

Seasonal, Christmas & Chinese New Year Tarts n' Cookies came about when work is bad during the year of 2007 and my mum suggested that we take this opportunity to just try out our luck. Pineapple tarts, Peanut and mostly nut cookies came along.

The outcome was a pleasant surprise although it was tough and hard work but we did it.

Thanks to some supportive customers throughout Penang and even up to KL.

Some choices to pick whether to savour it with family members and relatives, even as giveaways. We have few for you to choose from:-

- Pineapple jam tarts - a tub of 42 pieces
- Peanut cookies - a tub of 50 pieces
- Green pea cookies (for those is is more health concious) - a tub of 50 pieces
- Butter Cornflakes - a tub of 35 minicuppies

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