Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cotton Cheesecake

It's a last minute cake when my neighbour call to order for the next day Mother's Day. It's kind of a total blank order where they just mention cheesecake, so all i thought about is cotton cheese, it's very light and easy to like even those who doesn't really like cheese will fall in love with the texture itself.

What's worst is my neighbour's daughter order for her mum and she doesn't know what her mum likes, so from daily observation, from her clothing's she loves wearing i think I'll just give it a shot that she might loves it even she doesn't eats the cake. It's called cotton is because of the texture, soft as cotton. It's a very classic cake anyone will like or at anytime of the day.

So as the first cake that i made for my mum, cheese is always good with chocolate, so i did ask my neighbour and they doesn't want cream so i just does the frosting and the flowers as my basic ones just additional cute little fellas in for the kids to enjoy. Haven't really met them, hope they really feels satisfy with what they ordered.

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