Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Macadamia Cheesecake

This was made specially for my mum for Mother's Day, her favourite colour is yellow and she doesn't like milk so much so i have to think of something that she really enjoy inside out from her heart. This was a new cheesecake to me though but does have some challenges and the time that took me to complete this piece really challenge my patience.

Firstly, the macadamia nuts is driving me crazy, i was scouting high and low for that, but at last i just bought it the edible nuts which cost me quite a bit but worth it when i myself saw the final piece and i have a chance to taste it aha... It's with the finest cream cheese, macadamia nuts which i have to blend in with the fresh milk and the chocolate frosting was done by double whipped, fresh milk and semi sweet dark chocolate. The coloured stuff is from my usual peppermint fondant. Wasn't too good at the flowers yet still a beginner after all. Trying improve though.
I do wish i can really polish on the roses, it will be definitely good if yellow and white roses are added in, I'm sure my mu will love those as well. Whoever who wish for a try no harm ordering though. Worth a try, i would class this cake as a good cake.

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