Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ginger Carrot Cake

This is really an Honour to do such a special cake for such big occasion for someone who is so near yet so far to myself, but reaching the age of 84 wasn't many can do, thank to my dad and my brother giving me such chances to make this happen. I was actually dead tired and still sick till today but with an open heart and the determination I have, I just hope it arrives in one piece.

To be honest the idea of this figure and the whole thing was by my brother who helps me on research. Everything have the first time for me, this special moist cake usually used for wedding cakes because it's rich, moist, heavy and costly. On this special piece of masterpiece I kind of satisfy from the beginning till the end, it seems to be very smooth from the process of baking, the time, the figurine, the wording and the final level on the baking came out so so perfect, the moisture, the rising till the topping with white chocolate Australia butter cream finishes just enough.

Hopefully every thing's great too when grandma have a piece, I just wonder how is her expression, on the cake, the taste, I wish I'm there. Hope to get some feedback whether the figurines still standing or already collapse during the hand carry delivery...everything is hard to predict and anything can happen within the 12hrs before it arrives to dad....

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