Thursday, February 25, 2010

Black Forest Cake

Firstly I would like to Thank an Auntie who give me allot of ideas and courage to make this piece, it was a very hurry piece of masterpiece, it really require a lot of squeezing to my own mind what to do when the reunion includes those that requires special health diet that needs to look into, even some who doesn't consume milk and cheese.

So, this was a really good choice given by my auntie, it's a very light cake that anyone can take with the least sugar involved and the highest quality of light sweetened whole cherries and the the Gold Label fresh cream which is light and creamy. Deco is fully handmade with almond paste to blend in all.

The best part was the instant feedback from everyone which had the cake after our steamboat dinner really feels relief and happy, they love it and the compliment was something that makes me feel completely satisfied. Love you all and most of all I enjoy baking even more.

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