Monday, May 25, 2009

Rich Butter cakes

This is just an ordinary cake which my auntie ordered for some friends and its a very last minute order which i don't even have a 24hr notice, what i have in hand and mind i do...manage though, 4 the same cake but it was too late to get a good shot and i just manage to get two of the four.

So, i guess here is the two which i manage to get before my camera is out of battery again. So i did deliver on my way to work. It's a rich butter cake which is one of my favourite time of all, moist and fragrant. Not too sure on those allergic to milk and butter. It's a pretty small one too because it's just 5and half inches width. Not too sweet as well. Thank you on those orders even it was a rush one.

1 comment:

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