Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Chocolate Molten cupcake

I think this one i post it before but haven't manage to get into the cup cake itself to really express the real look and taste which i describe to all of you before, which my auntie describe it as heavenly.

To be honest this cupcake is best to really have it when it's still warm, the oozing chocolate which my daughter love so much, she can have 5 in a day, but usually i will stop her and really watch her throughout the day, if not it will be disappearing even it's place in a n air tight container.

It's not me who makes it good but the recipe which i had was really good. To any chocolate lovers it will be great even with white chocolate. Chocolate is quite a healthy substitute for sweet tooth people. Just that choose wisely with the original ingredient which make the chocolate is very important.

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